R&D Center

ValueTek focuses on research and development, 50% above of our R&D staff got their bachelor’s degree, 20% above got their master’s degree and 5% above got their PhD in related industries .We strengthened the standardization of R&D and systematic development to enhance product development and business operational efficiency.  ValueTek Group has 2 R&D centers across China.

Furnished a huge amount of money, ValueTek has built the most advanced testing center.

1. We has established a consummate safety and EMC testing laboratory, which is completely according to international laboratory standard of ISO/ IEC Guide 17025, and achieved the accreditation and authorization from famous institutions such as TUV, UL, FCC, CSA etc..

Our R&D center owns one normalize 3m anechoic chamber rooms, three shielding rooms and immunity laboratory. All of the test sites are equipped with top-ranking EMC measurement devices from Schaffner and Rohde-Schwarz.

3. ValueTek also owns acoustical laboratory, equipping with the most advanced ACQUA audio test system. It can complete test of sending/receiving loudness, frequency response curve, distortion, storage stability, background noise and other high level test. It is with ability of acoustic impact test, which is completely fulfill the certification requirement of CE, GCF, PTCRB etc..

4. The Test of Optical Performance Laboratory: In accordance with standard of ISO12233, we have established optical darkroom. In order to evaluate the camera image quality and LCD display quality of tablet PC, desktop displays and other intelligent terminal products, the standard color card is used to take photos in a specific illuminance environment of the light source box, and the color and resolution indicators are automatically calculated.

5. The Battery Performance and Safety Test Laboratory: The laboratory is equipped with a standard test system, which can not only test the charging time, overcharge and overdischarge of  nickel-hydrogen battery and Li-ion battery, but also carry out safety tests such as needling, heavy impact, low pressure and short circuit according to the requirements of safety regulations.